Chat, Poll, Engage your large class!

Kountu is a tool designed to help educators empower their students to become more engaged and involved in a large classroom.

Quick start

Setup a room in under 5 minutes! Customize a couple of optional settings and send out the invite.

Real-time in-class chat

Students can pose questions, provide answers, comment on the lecture and support each other all in real-time.

Instant polls

Launch instant polls to gauge material comprehension. Results displayed in real-time!

Large class size support

Unlike others, Kountu is built to support large class sizes (300+).

Powerful room control

Kountu provides key features to make running a room simple and smooth.

Affordable, flexible pricing

Need one room? Need a bunch? No problem. Kountu offers flexible pricing options to fit your needs. Same price per room regardless of how many students use it. Always free for students!

Kountu has been designed from the ground up based on direct feedback from university professors. A simple solution, capable of supporting large class sizes at a reasonable price. And always free for students.

Kountu excels at doing a few key things, really well. No bloat, no manuals, no integrations, nothing confusing. All the information lives securely in the cloud, out of sight and out of mind.

Modern technologies are commonplace in the classroom and can detract from learning. Why not use that technology to directly engage students in active participation during lectures? Kountu offers an opportunity for everyone to be heard and counted!

Screen Shot Chat

Real-time and Interactive for the Students

Students are engaged in a real-time chat, in the classroom:

  • Pose questions and get real-time answers
  • Take a picture of your notes and get instant feedback from your peers
  • Gain the lecturer's attention by liking messages so that they stand out
  • Participate in instant polls and gauge your understanding of the material

Screen Shot Admin Chat

Intuitive and Powerful for Lecturers and Moderators

Lecturers are empowered to engage their students:

  • Stimulate discussion by suggesting topics
  • Address important questions and concerns through "hot" messages
  • Assess material comprehension through instant polls with real-time results

Room moderators are empowered with full control:

  • Real-time room statistics on participation
  • Ability to delete inappropriate messages or ban users from the chat room
  • Manage chat room moderators
  • Much more...

Screen Shot Archives

Even More Insight After Class

Review class conversations and poll results for any previous class session:

  • Identify areas of interest and problems to address in the next session
  • Students have access to archives to review missed conversations and to use as a study guide

Screen Shot Stats

Evaluate class participation throughout all previous sessions:

  • Graphical class participation statistics
  • Identify opportunities to further engage the class

Screen Shot Mobile

Fully Mobile Friendly

Kountu has been designed and built from the ground up to be completely mobile friendly and is fully functional on today's popular mobile phones and tablets.

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